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Most golfers get to the green and get a pretty good idea of the line they want to take to get their ball in or close to the hole. They put some thought into distance, green speed, wind, slope of the green and maybe a handful of other factors. And when things are going right they can sink some putts. When things are not going wrong they can not figure out why.

Here is a sure fire, working man’s tip that will get your putts rolling to the hole MUCH more consistently. As a matter of fact, this will probably save you THREE strokes on your next round and possibly draw a few compliments to your putting game from your playing partners. But they won’t know what adjustment you have made.

On your bad putting days you are not setting up a proper putting stance before you stroke your putt. Trust me, without seeing you putt I am certain that this is the case and this is how we fix it.

Lets assume you’ve picked your line on your relatively flat twelve footer. Your next putt should be a tap in, worst case scenario. So step up to the ball and get centered and balanced. Easy right? NOT exactly.??????????????????????????????????

First set up square to your target line. Square to the target line does not mean feet, knees and hips are square. You need to square your feet, knees, hips, chest and most of all your shoulders. Don’t open your shoulders to watch your line. That’s lazy. Do that by turning your head. Now lets get balanced. Feet somewhat shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent and check your posture, Don’t slouch and don’t stretch your shoulders to reach your putter grip.


Now the key. Distribute you weight equally over your left and right feet. But not exactly 50/50…more like 25/25/25/25. Don’t get frustrated, this is what I mean. Half you body weight will be on your left and right side but that weight needs to be equally distributed between the balls of your feet and your heels. Think of your feet as having two pressure points each touching the ground (front and back). You need to allow the balls of your feet (front) to absorb as much of your weight as your heels do.  This will give balance side to side as well as to and fro. An athletic stance is pivotal.   It should not be so easy for someone to push you over.

All this should take three to five seconds once you get used to it. If you set to distributing your weight on all four points of your feet and did so in under three seconds, you are probably not distributing your weight properly to all four points of your feet.

Take your stance and put a good stroke on the the ball. When you hit that first bad one, you’ll know you got away from setting up with a solid and balanced stance. Not to worry…regroup on the next putt…everyone has a lapse here and there.

This is a foolproof method to help with your putting. Believe and sink some putts.




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