Golf Lessons: Chip like short game guru, Phil Mickelson

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Phil Mickelson honed his chipping skills as a young boy by practicing unendingly in the back yard. Chipping with one club–a sand wedge–when it came time to chip the ball low, He rarely bothered going to the garage to get his 8- or 9-iron. He basically learned to hit it low with his sand wedge, a method he confesses, still helps him to this day.




Golf Lesson: To begin with play the ball back in your stance, off the toe of your back foot. As you address the ball, aim your clubface at the target, and station your hands well forward, in line with your front leg. That will effectually de-loft your sand wedge. The backswing entails of a modest breaking of the wrists, with a small amount of movement in your arms. On the downswing, accelerate your hands through to the finish, making sure you DO NOT uncock your wrists. The ball will naturally come out low, check just a bit when it hits the green, and run towards the hole.

If this technique is good enough for Hall of Famer like Phil Mickelson, it can probably help you as well. The beauty of this approach lies in its simplicity and its’ repeatability. Good Luck!



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