Golf Lesson: First Tee Jitters


First Tee Jitters2013-driver-year-tm-bnr

Golf players who encounter first tee jitters are not psychologically prepared.  You will need to begin preparing yourself to hit your initial tee shot well right before you stick the tee in the dirt and setup to the ball on the 1st tee box.  If you have played the course in the past, begin visualizing your 1st tee shot on your drive out to the golf course.  This is what I suggest.
Just picture yourself approaching the tee box and initiating your pre-shot regimen.  Imagine standing behind the ball and selecting out your target (a bush, bunker, yardage marker, whatever) and then approach the ball and start your setup.  Picture looking up from your address toward the target, returning your eyes back to the ball and beginning your swing.

Think of what a good swing will feel like, then envision how the ball comes off the club and travels through the air, where it will land at and where it will stop running.  Be as illustrative as possible.  Are there any hazards that you smartly elude, what is your typical ball flight, how high do you usually hit the ball, how far does it generally go, and how far does your ball typically roll out?

You have very likely played the 1st hole at your home course a great number of times, and even if it was by pure good luck you have hit a magnificent shot off the 1st tee at some point.  Imagine that shot.
If you have not played the course prior to this and the 1st hole is a new frontier for you, step up and take a peek at it as soon as you get out of your vehicle.  Make sure you figure out what club you are going to hit and just how you want to hit the shot, then start imagining the perfect play.
This mental exercise is going to absolutely support a great commencement to your round.  Your brain doesn’t know the difference between graphic visualizations and a real encounter.  You are training yourself to be a success with this exercise.




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