80 Yard Pitch Shot


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Golf Lessons: The pitch shot

For the majority of you, the 80 yard pitch is one of the most challenging shots in the game. Due to the fact you are not taking a complete swing, solid contact and your expected distance is seemingly close to impossible. More often than not, you strike the golf ball thin or fat.

Golf Quick Fix

Davis Love Jr., had a tip for the “part-wedge shots,” (80 yards and in) that I feel still works well today. Davis revealed how to execute a little hip turn within the backswing and a comparable hip turn on the thru swing…that is similar to the arm swing.

Golf players end up in a quandary with this shot when they swing nothing but the arms or lower their knees. They neglect to let the hips turn back and thru (comparable to a miniature complete swing).

EMP NET BEACH    Davis stressed more about the hips turning back and of course simply clearing through, and a bit less concerned with a players hands and arms. Have a go at it, and I really feel you are going to discover your club-ball contact are likely to start to improve dramatically on these partial shots, as will your feel for distance.
Check out this video:

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Sink More Putts

Sink More Putts


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