Playing From The Rough

Sink More Putts

Sink More Putts

Golf Lessons: Escape The Rough

Buried in the rough: If the golf ball is laying down, a seven-iron is ordinarily the longest of my golf clubs I would contemplate utilizing. Golfers really need loft and club head speed to escape the rough.

Perched up: If the golf ball is on top of the turf, work a typical swing however be prepared for a flyer, most especially if the grass is dried out. I consider taking one less golf club.

Hitting from thick grass is a reality of life in this game. Some courses are set up so difficult today, and they’re very punitive for tee shots that elude the fairway. You should know how to read your lie & take a measured risk when you whack it out of the rough.

If you aren’t particularly certain if you can get the golf club to contact the rear of the golf ball cleanly, a cut shot is a useful consideration. Play the golf ball somewhat back in your stance, and allow for a little left-to-right movement when you select your target area. Opening up the club face will actually give you some added loft, which will help in the high grass. 2013-driver-year-tm-bnr

Do not release the golf club too early in the high grass. If you do not maintain your position, you’ll make too much contact with the turf and shed clubhead speed. Defy the desire to lift the golf ball out. Rather, depend on the loft of the club and open the club face to manage the shot.

Considering the turf and open club face, I think about  taking one additional club for shots out of the rough when I play golf, unless of course the golf ball is perched on top of dry grass. Then, I utilize added loft & swing softer, attempting to swing at it about 70% as to sidestep a flier beyond the green.
Good luck from Golf Quick Fix…hit’em straight.



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