Golf Quick Fix For Fairway Bunkers


make moneyGolf Lessons: Escaping The Fairway Bunker

Fairway sand traps do not have to destroy your scorecard but they can certainly blow it up if you skip a few key fundamentals that make all the difference. Since we seldom have the oppurtunity to practice this shot it behooves us all to keep the following essential keys in the back of your mind.

Leave your pride in the golf bag and go one club longer: The not uncommon miss from fairway bunker is fat, and consequently this happens by driving your legs on the forward swing. Generally the driving move lowers our center of gravity, which you may find works well from the turf but in the soft sand frequently causes one to hit behind the  golf ball. To calm that frontward leg drive, swing a tad easier with a larger golf club. Beware the high lip. Make sure you have sufficient loft to make it out, however if the lip is minimal, club up and swing smooth and a little easier.

Sink More Putts

Sink More Putts

Stand Tall. Keep your your chin up to position your spinal position a bit more erect. Taller posture encourages an around your torso swing and a level stroke, therefore, you will be able to pick the golf ball minus the digging. Fight the desire to plunge downward into impact, as golf players frequently do, in an effort to assist the golf ball out of the bunker.

Pretend your golf ball is resting on a sheet of thin ice. Golfers should want to pick it off the ice without breaking through the ice. Imagine that you “stay tall” entirely right through the golf shot. Keep in mind, striking the golf ball thin in a fairway sand trap is considered a quality shot, and overly thin is most often more ideal than any type of fat. These simple swing thoughts are as valuable as a  golf lesson. Good luck and hit’em straight!


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