Golf Lessons: More Distance

GOLF LESSON: PUTTING              

Sink More Putts

Sink More Putts


More distance or more accuracy? If I had my druthers I would take both, but if I had to choose one I would take accuracy. Even so, we all know a par four somewhere that we know if we could just crank one its an easy birdie. Besides, who doesn’t want the drive of the day to brag about in the club house?

Golf Quick Fix is a strong proponent of the philosophy that professes, in order to make a proper back swing, you need to do a bit more than simply turning your hips and shoulders. For real power, the midsection (the area from the breastbone the hips) has to wind up and coil.

Golf Lesson: I remember a drill from David Leadbetter from a few years ago that helped me feel what it should feel like to make a proper back swing. The drill is designed to put you in position to get all you can out of that 460cc monster in your golf bag.

The goal here is to work on getting your midsection to turn away from the intended target.

First grip the golf club with your weak hand only (I’ll say left hand for the sake of clarity) and get hold of the left side of your torso just under the rib-cage with your dominant or right hand. At that point execute a motion during which the right hand pulls the left side of your torso away from the intended target. You should now get the sensation as though you are  twisting and stretching out as the left arm sways rearward. This movement provides you the coil you require to execute a strong back swing which consequently promotes a wide arc in your back swing which, in turn sets up a powerful transition into the golf ball.



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