Golf Lessons: The Flop Shot


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Golf Lesson: Golf Quick Fix

When you absolutely NEED to play a flop shot, you really should optimize club face loft to the max at the point of impact with the golf ball.

To begin with, utilize your most highly lofted wedge in your bag; usually for me that is a 56 degree but at times I carry a 60-degree. You will need all the control can so I recommend that you choke down an inch or so.  Now play the golf ball a bit up in your stance, slightly inside your left or lead foot’s heel. Try not to push your hands forward during address…this will de-loft the golf club.

Your swing needs to be long and relaxed. Upon take away hinge your wrists to create a 90-degree angle between the golf club and the left or lead arm arm. Remain centered, try to minimize any weight shift. Then swing downward, and of course accelerate right through the golf ball to a complete finish.

A particular action that can destroy the flop shot is an overly aggressive weight shift to lead foot on the downswing. This impulsive action tilts the golf shaft frontward, which decreases the loft of the club face.
Take a crack at this exercise: Play some practice flop shots while keeping the heel of your lead foot just a tad bit off the floor from beginning to end. This will keep you from driving forward, keeping more loft on the club.
Good luck and hit’em straight.

All the best,

Golf Quick Fix



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