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Golf Lessons: Finish Like Luke Donald


Golf Lesson:

Golf announcers love to comment on Luke Donald’s ability and tendency to hold the finish in his golf swing. He likes to finish, like all of us with a weight shift to his forward leg and his arms and golf club finishing all the way to a full follow through. He does this with so much balance and control that he more often than not, will hold his finished pose until the ball actually lands.

Why is this helpful?

Golf Quick Fix

More often than not the swing flaw that leads to your slice or hook works perfectly with creating poor balance during the swing. Whether or not its the swing flaw creating the unbalance or the unbalance creating the swing flaw, developing proper balance from start to finish will most likely correct most swing flaws anyway.

In order to finish your swing and hold the pose, in balance, a lot of things will have to go right. Finishing that exaggerated balanced position until the golf ball lands creates a sense of balance and control throughout your entire swing.
This prevents you from twisting out, or lunging at the golf ball, or generating other bungle-some moves.  After a swing like that, no golfer says, “nice swing” in a slightly envious manner.

Golf Lesson:

Practice an optimal pose as you finish your golf swing, completely in balance and with your belt buckle pointed toward the target, then implement that swing so that is how you finish your swing.


Why focus on your finish?

You will be able to overcome those components of your swing that hinder the sought after finish.  It may sound way too simplistic to actually be effective, right?  Aren’t we  striking a golf ball and not posing for a photograph? NO!  Pose for the photograph! This drill and swing technique is extremely effective, most especially if your swing is somewhat solid, and you tend to be just a tiny bit off here and there like most golfers are.

Here you see in slow motion how Luke Donald demonstrates this for us.  His golf swing appears effortless just like the efficient golf swing you strive for in your head. Truthfully, it is not so effortless, it’s quite simply, a matter of the exertion being spent from the torso down, not the shoulders and arms.

Notice Luke’s impressive flexing at the knees. through-out his swing, and most especially how well he holds at the finish position, almost a perfect pose, with his belt buckle pointing toward the intended target.

If you can maintain your fished pose as long as this former top ranked player in the world, it’s more than likely you just made a pretty good golf shot. This does not take long to implement, maybe one or two buckets of golf balls, and it could very well be a life changing correction for you with regards to your golf game.

Good Luck and hit’em straight from Golf Quick Fix.


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Too Funny! This Is Not A Golf Lesson


Golf Quick Fix :

This is not a Golf Lesson:

Who says golf isn’t a contact sport?

Here’s a compilation of entertaining,

painful, and idiotic golf-related mishaps.



Tiger Reclaims Number One


The Arnold Palmer Invitational

A fantastic effort by Rickie Fowler to try and catch Tiger Woods went right down the drain yesterday, “literally.”

Fowler cut Tigers lead to a mere two strokes after 15 holes and found the fairway on 16 while Tiger landed in the same fairway bunker he hit on Saturday. That bunker shot led to Tiger hitting his next shot in the water. Tiger bogeyed the hole on Saturday.

However, history never guarantees future performance and yesterday proved that. Yesterday Tiger hit the green from that fairway bunker on the par five, sixteenth, setting up an easy two putt for birdie. Fowler on the other hand hit his second and fourth shots into the water which all but destroyed any chance he had of catching Tiger over the last three holes.   Fowler ended up taking a triple bogey which cost him the first runner-up position.

When the World Rankings are re-calculated,  Tiger on the strength of his two stroke victory over fifth ranked, Justin Rose, will have overtaken Rory McIlroy as the World’s Number One Ranked Golfer. Golf Quick Fix already named Tiger the number one player in the world on Saturday, having already nailed down two wins in2013 before yesterday and looking like “Tiger Woods” in his prime doing so.



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Golf Quick Fix Declares Tiger Number One

photo(13)Golf Quick Fix:

Forget the Official World Golf Rankings. No man on the planet is playing better golf than Tiger Woods right at this moment.

Yesterday, Tiger tore it up at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, Shooting a six under par to thrust himself into first place. Today Tiger will wearing his traditional Sunday red where he will be paired with fellow American and fan favorite Rickie Fowler (second place) who has played brilliantly  as well.

World Rankings CLICK HERE:




Golf Lessons: Start With The Foundation


Golf Lesson:

The golf stance has always been the cornerstone of the golf swing. A proper setup to make a good golf swing is just as important as pouring the foundation of your home. Screw this part up and everything else you do won’t matter much.

Spring has arrived so here is a gentle reminder of what to work on first in the early part of your golf season. Let’s reinforce your foundation as we shake off the winter rust.

Golf Quick Fix: Golf Setup

How do we setup? First off, the golf grip is pivotal. Any and all control you exercise over the golf club and your swing begins with how you hold the club. However, the purpose of this post, is more about posture and stance. The golf grip is probably the most personal part of the golf swing so we’ll just gloss over grip. For the time being, let’s proceed under the assumption you have a solid and trusted grip on the golf club

With both your hands on the club, lead arm sitting slightly on top of lead side of your chest, lead shoulder is elevated as opposed to your trail shoulder. (spine angle tipped slightly away from the target area). Your trail arm is relaxed and soft at the elbow, the trail shoulder is back and down. Be careful you aren’t turning that trail shoulder towards the target in your setup (open stance). The golf shaft should be straight out with the butt pointed  just a few inches above your mid section.

Golf Stance

Position the feet a little bit wider than your hips but not quite shoulder width, toes slightly turned out just a few degrees, and while keeping your back straight, bow from the hips.
Allow your wrists to drop. The golf-club head now lowers to the ground in the midpoint of your stance, the butt of shaft still pointed just above your mid section.

Golf Posture

The back remains straight. Buttocks slightly out (don’t exaggerate this part). Chin up, this helps you avoid hunching over. Bend your knees slightly. You need to feel as though you are in an athletic stance. A child should not be able to knock you off balance in any direction with a slight shove. Feel as though your center of gravity is strong but not tense.

Finally, step up to the golf ball. From this positioning with the golf-club head on the ground, center stance, give a little waggle over to the golf ball while keeping your “set-up posture.”

In simple terms, golfers set-up standing a couple of inches away from the golf ball, then slip the golf-club head in to the rear of the golf ball as your feet step forward to reset the posture and stance you just rehearsed.

If you have access to a full length mirror at home or the golf range, see if you look like what you “think” you look like. If not use your smart phone and make a quick video of yourself setting up. How we feel and how we look can quite often be two different things. I can tell you your stance is open or you are slouching, and you may very well make a temporary adjustment. But seeing for yourself what you are doing wrong will help you make a more permanent correction. Seeing is believing and believing is seeing.

From Golf Quick Fix, Good luck and hit’em straight.


Never Miss A Short Putt Again


Golf Lessons:

I love this drill. You may have caught this tip on the Golf Channel. I’ve been using it for years. It’s a great drill and an awesome swing thought for those short putts just outside the “gimme” range.

Golf Quick Fix: Invest sixty seconds of your life and learn how to never miss a short putt again.

Golf Lesson:


Deal Of The Day: Taylormade R11 Driver-Save 62%


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Golf Lessons wfh

Check it out…this is a great Golf Quick Fix

This is a fantastic Chipping Golf Lesson from short game guru Phil Mickelson!

A lot of great advice in under a minute.

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The Best Player In The World Is A Woman


Golf Quick Fix

All things being equal, nobody in the world is playing better golf than American Stacy Lewis. Lewis scored her seventh career title two weeks ago in the Republic Of Singapore. She followed that up this weekend with her eighth pro title at The Founders Cup in Phoenix. With that win on Sunday, Lewis advanced to Number One in the world.

Lewis claimed the distinction of Number One in the world on the strength of six victories in only her last twenty-three LPGA events. The American, originally from Toledo, Ohio had four LPGA victories last year earning Tour Player Of The Year honors for 2012.

Lewis closed Yani Tseng’s dominant reign of Number One in The World which lasted a little over two full years. Lewis along with Cristie Kerr are the only Americans to claim the LPGA’s top ranking since its’ inception in 2006. Kerr held the honor for a total of five weeks over three separate ranking periods back in 2010.

The rise to the top for Lewis is very inspirational. She was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was 11 but was nothing but optimistic and positive energy yesterday.

“I’m having a blast on the golf course,” Lewis said. “To be No. 1 in the world, it’s what everybody out here on tour is working for.”

“Every setback you have along the way, everything good that happens, it all happens for a reason,” said Lewis, who now takes up residence in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. wfh

“I couldn’t have dreamed the kid growing up wearing a back brace 18 hours a day is the No. 1 player in the world,” said Lewis who is 28.

The ten year sentence of wearing a back brace proved to be less than effective. That course of treatment was unable to improve the curvature in her spinal column. She required surgery to insert a metal rod and five screws in her back.

“That was only 10 years ago,” Lewis explained.  “That’s not normal, that’s not supposed to happen. I mean, I’m not, I’m really not supposed to be here. People with metal in their back, how do you play golf? I don’t know. I don’t know how. I don’t know why I’m here.”

Congratulations Stacey Lewis! Well done!

World Rankings: CLICK HERE



Golf Lessons: Own This Shot

Golf Lesson

There are a number of components in your golf game that you can cultivate in an effort to lower your scores. There is one part that can be one of the biggest if not the biggest handicap dropper of all; if you are willing do the work. The 100 yard shot.

Sounds simple enough. You are probably thinking, no big deal, I can hit the green from 100 yards. So can everyone else. However, that is not nearly good enough. You need to OWN the 100 yard shot. You need to wear out the grooves on your pitching wedge practicing that shot.

A golfer should get an incredible sense of relief when they stroll up to that golf ball laying in the fairway and find the middle of the green is an even 100 yards away. This is your shot…you’ve hit it a few thousand times this year alone at the range. You’ve been waiting all day to play this yardage. That’s how it needs to feel.

The confidence of owning the 100 yard shot can and will spill over into the rest of your game. This confidence will allow you to really develop your course management. Most golfers, when they are 250 yards or more out, dig in and try to get all the yardage they can out of their next shot. Now the hazards the golf course architects designed for this very thought process are all in play for you. wfh

Most likely the vast majority of the holes at your local golf course have no hazards at the 100 yard marker. Some par three’s being the possible exception. You’ll even find a 100 yard marker on all the the par 4’s and 5’s. Take the hint.      

Golf Quick Fix: Take that same 250 yard shot. The sense of relief and the self-confidence you can take into this shot magnifies 10 fold when you know advancing the golf ball a mere 150 yards will bring you to your “go to” shot. The shot you practice more than any other. The shot you hit hundreds of times each month.


Play better golf:   I can not say it enough, you need to own this shot. Make the 100 yard shot your happy place on the golf course. You will be amazed how the rest of your game elevates and how much your self imposed stress levels plummet.





Golf Lessons: Work On That Short Game

edwin watts

Golf Lesson: You will save the most strokes possible in the early part of the season by working on your chipping and putting. You can practice chipping on any patch of grass you can find which is another way to say that you can practice chipping for free.

Golf Quick Fix: This is a real good video…it doesn’t cover everything but it really drives home the idea of compressing the golf ball and why that is important. If nothing else, hopefully this minute and a half video motivates you to break out your wedge this weekend and chip some  golf balls.