Golf Quick Fix: Baseball And Golf


Golf Lesson

Spring is coming so quite naturally for many of us our thoughts turn to golf and baseball. Snow or no snow, if you have ever played either, how can you not wax poetic about baseball and golf in March?

In America’s pastime, a deep fly ball snared at the wall counts the same as a pop out to the catcher…batter retired, one out. This holds true for golf as well. The inevitable certainty is that a missed
two-foot putt counts the same as a 275-yard smash down the fairway: one stroke.

The proverbial buck in the world of golf halts at the putting green. A casual glimpse at history will show you that all exceptional golf players have been magnificent putters: in other words, there are no superior golfers who have not been superb putters.

wfh          The practice green is usually complimentary and open to the general public. Golf players share a kinship with the avid fisherman who invariably keeps his equipment nearby; for the golfer, the putter is never far away. You’ll frequently see golfers sneaking in a handful of putts at lunch time or on their drive home from work, still donning the office attire.

EMP NET BEACH          Golf apparel is usually not mandated to utilize a practice green; proper footwear usually is. Don’t step on the practice green without them. In fact, it’s an excellent idea to stay off the practice green unless of course you are putting. Walk around the green rather than walking over it on your way to the tee box, pro-shop, or the car. The practice green is not the same as the greens on the golf course, but the etiquette is the same.

Golf Lesson: Harvey Penick  would frequently profess to his students a thought that emphasized the relevancy of putting practice. He would gesture to a swarmed driving range, then look back at the golfers practicing on the putting green and say:
“These people, (on the green) are going to take their (on the range) money.”

But so what if you’re not putting for dough…your persistence on the practice green will reward you with lower scores.



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