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With spring approaching is easy to think about golf and how this year is the year you put it all together and take your game to the next level. The driving range is the place to start but if you are just hacking away at a hundred balls in thirty to forty minutes…save the effort and go practice your putting.

But if you want to get the most out of that bucket of balls, give yourself a free lesson. First stretch and warm up with some easy swings and increase your speed a little at a time.

Golf Lesson: Now take your smart phone out and set it up behind you so you can record yourself hitting some balls. After each shot look back at the camera and yell out if you hit it on target, hit a hook or hit a slice. Five to ten shots should be fine. Now go watch yourself on the video you just created. It’s amazing to see how we think we look as opposed to how we really look hitting a golf ball. In my case it helped correct my habit of coming over the top and just about eliminated my slice. The feedback is instantaneous and this will cost you nothing. More importantly you turned your leisurely trip to the driving range into a golf lesson.


Professional instructors are incorporating video more and more into their lesson plans. It’s easy for one of your instructors or one of your playing partners to tell you that you are casting the club or coming over the top but it’s not something we embrace because that’s not how it feels to us. But seeing is believing.

You have nothing to lose except strokes. Take this Golf Quick Fix seriously and start hitting some fairways and greens in regulation. Good luck.



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