Let’s Use That Putter More

Golf Lessons: To Putt or Not To Putt…wfh

Most if not all players will use the putter when they get to the green but many if not most can not bring themselves to use it under various other conditions. An imaginative player can find a number of other uses for the putter when they are off the green.

Golf Quick Fix: Fringe Putting

Players can utilize the putter when their golf ball is parked on the fringe. This is perhaps the most frequently used location for a large number of golfers to utilize their putter when they are not on the green. The fringe turf is just a tad bit taller than the tightly trimmed putting green and it should require a more solid putting stroke, however the fringe is not very likely to alter the track of the golf ball when it is putted smoothly and with conviction.

Golf Quick Fix: Fairway Putting

My favorite!!  People can and very often should utilize their putter when they are a little shy of the putting green and resting on a neatly trimmed fairway. The majority of golfers will, by default, take out their lob or pitching wedge when they are parked on the fairway. However, if their are no hazards like water, a bunker or even a tree in your way you can, and very often should use your putter. A well hit putt can very often, get the ball to within 2 to 4 feet of the hole while good wedge shot is anything inside 10 feet.

Golf Quick Fix: Do You Putt From The Rough?

Using your putter when in the rough and just looking to put the golf ball back in play is very often your safest option. If a player is not looking to hit the golf ball for any great distance, because the ball is in the high grass or weeds and the fairway is just a few yards away…instead of attempting to throw away your stroke by executing a big swing with a longer iron or fairway wood, you can very often carefully put your golf ball in the fairway. You can accomplish this by hitting the ball with a good crisp stroke with the golf putter.

Golf Quick Fix: Putting Out From The Sand Bunker

Look over the bunker prior to taking out your sand wedge to get that ball out of that hazard. The vast majority of greenside bunkers are deep and that demands you to just take the sand wedge and blast it out of the bunker.  Nevertheless, there are a few greenside bunkers that have little or no lip, making them somewhat flat. In these uncommon situations, you can go with the putter and hit the ball straight at the hole. This works well when your golf ball is at the same height as the hole.

Golf Quick Fix: Putting From Behind A TreeEMP NET 100%

Utilize your putter when your golf ball is parked immediately behind a tree and you have no other options to forward the ball downfield. Taking your putter and hitting the golf ball back into the fairway, you could very well place yourself in a place to hit your preceding shot precisely where you hope for it to go. Whenever some players are caught in back of a shrub or tree, they  will very often try to execute “the miracle shot” by trying to go around it, just to have the golf ball bounce backwards or even right back at them. Punching it out sideways or maybe even backwards with the putter in order to position a decent follow-up shot is a wise strategy.

Golf Lesson: Jack Nicklaus often says use your putter whenever your worst putt will be better than your best chip. That’s good enough for me.



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