Golf Lessons: Own This Shot

Golf Lesson

There are a number of components in your golf game that you can cultivate in an effort to lower your scores. There is one part that can be one of the biggest if not the biggest handicap dropper of all; if you are willing do the work. The 100 yard shot.

Sounds simple enough. You are probably thinking, no big deal, I can hit the green from 100 yards. So can everyone else. However, that is not nearly good enough. You need to OWN the 100 yard shot. You need to wear out the grooves on your pitching wedge practicing that shot.

A golfer should get an incredible sense of relief when they stroll up to that golf ball laying in the fairway and find the middle of the green is an even 100 yards away. This is your shot…you’ve hit it a few thousand times this year alone at the range. You’ve been waiting all day to play this yardage. That’s how it needs to feel.

The confidence of owning the 100 yard shot can and will spill over into the rest of your game. This confidence will allow you to really develop your course management. Most golfers, when they are 250 yards or more out, dig in and try to get all the yardage they can out of their next shot. Now the hazards the golf course architects designed for this very thought process are all in play for you. wfh

Most likely the vast majority of the holes at your local golf course have no hazards at the 100 yard marker. Some par three’s being the possible exception. You’ll even find a 100 yard marker on all the the par 4’s and 5’s. Take the hint.      

Golf Quick Fix: Take that same 250 yard shot. The sense of relief and the self-confidence you can take into this shot magnifies 10 fold when you know advancing the golf ball a mere 150 yards will bring you to your “go to” shot. The shot you practice more than any other. The shot you hit hundreds of times each month.


Play better golf:   I can not say it enough, you need to own this shot. Make the 100 yard shot your happy place on the golf course. You will be amazed how the rest of your game elevates and how much your self imposed stress levels plummet.






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