Golf Lessons: 30 Yard Pitch Shot

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The 30 yard pitch shot can be one of the most difficult shots approaching the green. Often times this shot demands a forced carry over a hazard or very challenging pin placement.

A 30 yard pitch shot is also quite challenging since it is generally performed from a seldom practiced distance. Yet, in spite of the obstacles, from this distance you should be thinking about knocking the ball close and getting up and down. Understanding how to cope with this gap is essential for a successful shot.
Here are a couple of drills that will help you cultivate sharper distance control around the greens.

The Underhand Toss

This exercise will assist you in learning the proper feel and follow-thru of your stroke. As the phrase implies, you will not require a golf club to complete this exercise. Choose a a number of targets at a variety of distances. Face each target and make an underhand toss with a golf ball at each target.
The underhanded throw should be executed with your strong or trail hand in your golf swing. Feel the relaxing sensation in your arm and body whilst making the pitch. Secondly, notice the way your arm finishes higher and higher as the intended targets move further away from you. Right after a handful of tosses grab a wedge and replicate the gradual progression until you lock in to that 30 yard target.

Another Excellent Exercise: Hands Of The Clock 

This is my own personal swing thought on the golf course. Think about matching the length of your swing to a specific yardage, in this case, 30 yards. Understanding just how to follow thru is imperative to effectively hitting a 30 yard pitch shot. Many golfers generate a substantial back swing and slow down thru impact with a tight and restricted follow thru. To cultivate the most effective finish, you must fixate on a reduced back swing and a more lengthy follow thru.


Golf Quick Fix: Consider that your swing is comparable to the hands on a clock. For instance, if you swing your arms to a 9 o’clock back swing position and follow thru to the 3 o’clock positioning…evaluate just how far the golf ball travels. Swing with a consistent tempo and follow-thru and adjust your swing as needed from three and nine o’clock to lock in that 30 yard pitch shot. For me those swing lengths work perfectly with my pitching wedge. But use the golf club that makes the 30 yard pitch shot one of your “go to” shots.


Target Practice

As a golfer, you need to embrace the concept that the only option you have to improve upon your pitch shots is through practice. You have heard it before, “repetition reinforces retention”. This has never been more true than with the short game in golf. Practice is the truest Quick Fix Golf lesson. That being said, set some targets at various distances and rehearse your pitch shots. Determine your “go to” distance or distances. A simple and easy approach is to establish some short range targets and work your way further down range. Cultivate the feel by taking repeated golf swings that you will be able to bring to the golf course.

Good luck and hit’em straight from Golf Quick Fix.


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