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Golf Lessons: Chipping


No matter how good a golfer you may or may not be, sooner or later you will find yourself the victim of a chip shot that you just simply sculled across the green, or you popped up leaving it way short of where you needed to land it. Either one of these mishits can occur if you get caught trying lift the ball instead of allowing the loft of your club do the lifting for you.

The number one player in the world, Tiger Woods was on the 18th hole on Friday of The 2013 Players Championship when he lost what would have been his first ever bogey free round in that tournament with a poor chip. Tiger had played 17 bogey free holes to that point. He needed to get up and down with a short chip and a putt. This was a relatively easy up and down for an above average golfer so I am sure Tiger was not too worried. He had an uphill lie so the ball was going to elevate itself more than usual, but Tiger still tried to lift it and left it short of the green. He settled for a bogey, blowing an easy par with a momentary lack of concentration. If this can happen to the best player in the world, it can and will happen to all of us, but the Golf Quick Fix to avoid it is quite simple.

Golf Quick Fix: Let’s Avoid This Miss Forever


Let’s start off by selecting the most effective golf club for the chip at hand. This selection should based on the lie you are faced with, your proximity to the hole and whether or not you need to hit over an obstruction.

If you are twenty feet or further from the pin and chipping to a relatively flat green, it’s safest to utilize a lower lofted club. For me I love using an eight iron as opposed to pitching wedge in this case. I generally try land the ball halfway between my lie and the pin and allow the ball to roll the other half of the distance to the hole.

Golf Lesson

For repeatable results and a low stress approach, use your putting grip and stroke to hit the ball. Envision yourself just putting the ball firmly. The putting stroke has several benefits. It prevents you from trying to lift the ball. It forces you to allow the loft on the club face to lift the golf ball for you onto the green and roll-out to the hole. And the putting stroke takes away the possibility of an improper wrist hinge.

It is so important, that you don’t try to lift the ball into the air, let the loft of the eight iron do this for you. Just trust your putting stroke and good things will happen!

edwin watts

If you are inside of 25 feet or so to the pin, and you need to hit the golf ball over a bunker or a big bump on the green, you will of course need to utilize one of your higher lofted clubs (gap, sand or lob wedge). That shot demands a very different approach and a little more trial and error  to perfect.

However the straight chip and run shot is one of the easiest shots to learn and master. For more Golf Quick Fix chipping Golf Lessons, CLICK HERE.

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