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Golf Lessons: Adam Scott

“Golf Quick Fix”

Golf Lessons: This years winner of The Masters,¬† Adam Scott displays a technique in his picture perfect golf swing that is virtually flawless. His golf swing is often compared to Tiger Woods’ golf swing…many times, both swings look very comparable.

The comparisons begin with their physical fitness levels. Adam Scott and Tiger have both taken golf health and fitness to the next level. Neither Adam Scott nor Tiger Woods have any apparent physical restrictions that impacts their swings and their technique…which is very atypical. Most golfers, amateur and professional, have a certain amount of restriction whether it be their lack of strength or their overall lack of flexibility that finds its way into their swing.

Scott has fantastic posture as he keeps a perfect spine angle at address and during his swing. As a matter of fact, Tiger Woods’ swing is a bit less efficient than Scott’s, but he (Scott) for the most part does not have Tiger’s short game ability nor his mental resilience that has given him, (Tiger) the number of PGA wins and Major Tournament victories that Adam Scott will never get close to.

However, We admire and praise Scott for his strength of character with his golf game training, and we expect him to win more tournaments and possibly another Major as his career continues. With a virtually perfect golf swing, all he really  needs is to continue putting and chipping around the greens like he did at the 2013 Masters Tournament in Augusta.


His driving distance and accuracy are close to the top of the stat sheets on the PGA tour every year, so there is not much room for enhancement in those areas. Scott says he will keep working with his golf training regimen which will invariably give him an advantage¬† with respect to power and consistency through out any golf event and the rest of his career. His short game and mental toughness are two of the few areas Scott will need to stay focused on. But as we said, his posture, spine angle and golf swing are nearly perfect. Every golfer should try to replicate Adam Scott’s address and golf swing.

Golf Lesson: Take a look at this slow motion video of him:

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