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Deal Of The Day: Taylormade R11 Driver-Save 62%


This might be the deal of the YEAR!

The TaylorMade R11 Driver for $179 is an insane deal!

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  • Adjust: The loft with Flight Control Technology (FCT), The face angle with the new Adjustable Sole Plate (ASP), The CG location with Movable Weight Technology (MWT®).
  • Promotes up to 100 yards of side-to-side trajectory change and ±1,000 RPM backspin change.
  • New aerodynamic shape promotes faster speed for more distance.
  • White non-glare crown and black clubface for easy alignment.






Golf Lessons wfh

Check it out…this is a great Golf Quick Fix

This is a fantastic Chipping Golf Lesson from short game guru Phil Mickelson!

A lot of great advice in under a minute.

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Titleist Pro V1 Sale:



Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls: $39.00

That’s a  22% savings







80 Yard Pitch Shot


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Golf Lessons: The pitch shot

For the majority of you, the 80 yard pitch is one of the most challenging shots in the game. Due to the fact you are not taking a complete swing, solid contact and your expected distance is seemingly close to impossible. More often than not, you strike the golf ball thin or fat.

Golf Quick Fix

Davis Love Jr., had a tip for the “part-wedge shots,” (80 yards and in) that I feel still works well today. Davis revealed how to execute a little hip turn within the backswing and a comparable hip turn on the thru swing…that is similar to the arm swing.

Golf players end up in a quandary with this shot when they swing nothing but the arms or lower their knees. They neglect to let the hips turn back and thru (comparable to a miniature complete swing).

EMP NET BEACH    Davis stressed more about the hips turning back and of course simply clearing through, and a bit less concerned with a players hands and arms. Have a go at it, and I really feel you are going to discover your club-ball contact are likely to start to improve dramatically on these partial shots, as will your feel for distance.
Check out this video:

Golf Lesson: Putting  CLICK HERE

Sink More Putts

Sink More Putts


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Golf Lessons: A Day At The Beach

Sink More Putts

Sink More Putts

Golf Lessons:  Bunker Play

Tour pros for the most part do not stress about beach shots the way the vast percentage of amateurs do, despite the fact that only a fistful of the professionals get up and down from the bunker in just about sixty percent of their chances. Precisely what is the moral of this?

Golf Lessons: Understand the fundamentals, so you do not stress bunker play, and also, modify your expectations. Make certain you get out of the bunker and allow yourself an opportunity to make a possible one putt, despite the fact that the vast percentage of players would be, in some measure content with getting up down in three.

Charged with the task of getting out properly, open the club face of your wedge so it can spring off the sand with a good bounce instead of dig. You want to hit behind the golf ball to splash it out on a cushion of sand, so play the golf ball in a position forward of your normal golf stance, up by your left foot. The major principle during the course of the swing is to follow right through, and simply turn your upper body toward the intended target.

The vast percentage of hackers, no offense intended, swing the club right into the bunker and when they encounter a certain amount of resistance the sand creates, they give up on the swing. Moreover, they are surely anxious, so they employ a tendency to lock their body in place and simply wave at the golf ball with their arms. Commit to a complete finish, and you are going to get the ball out each and every opportunity.
Good luck and hit’em straight.

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Only $229 @

Only $229 @

Product Review: TaylorMade R1

2013-driver-year-tm-bnr This isn’t exactly a playing tip or golf lesson but the overwhelming buzz around TaylorMade’s R1 is not a topic we can ignore. I checked the web and saw that Amazon is offering a $50.00 discount but in limited supply. Click any link

Somehow TaylorMade has figured out how to squeeze out 15 extra yards of distance legally for the average golfer. Combine that with this clubs adjustability (168 configurations) and you’ll have a club that can change with your game as appropriate.

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The concept for this club…a driver head with several lofts originated out of TaylorMade research development with 800 average golfers. The results disclosed that 80% of golfers were in the wrong loft and that 24% had the incorrect loft by at least 2 degrees.

The test group also showed that 52% percent needed more loft while only 28% required less loft.

The R1 may be the last driver you ever have to buy.


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