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Golf Lesson: Find The Fairway

Golf Lessons: Hit That First Fairway

If you are like most golfers, hitting or missing the fairway on that first tee shot can determine what your confidence level will be for the first several holes of your round. Striking a drive down the middle with your first swing gives can give you that feeling that, perhaps today is going to be your day.

Of course, we all want to hit it long, but by the time you get to the green your only concern is whether or not you are putting for par. The emotional and psychological lift from playing the first hole from the short grass is huge.


Hit The Fairway

Your first concern should always be about getting the ball in the fairway. Distance should be something you build and worry about at the practice range. On the tee box, thoughts of hitting bombs is only a distraction. Most likely, you already have in your bag, the equipment that will give you the fairway shots you’re searching for. Keep in mind – It’s not really about metal but the hand that wields it. The equipment can help once you have a suitable golf swing, but you’ll never correct your swing with an equipment upgrade.

Golf Lesson: Tee Height

The height of your may not seem like a pivotal component of your golf swing, but it actually does play an important roll in whether or not you find the fairway on a regular basis. Something so basic can frequently be the toughest challenge.
There are two primary errors people make when teeing the golf ball. Golfers can tee the ball too low or too high. Golf, as you may already know is a game of opposites. Tee height is a perfect example of this.

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Golf Quick Fix

If you swing the club too vertically on your downswing, you probably tee the golf ball too low. To be less technical, if you are concerned with swinging underneath the ball and you  tee the ball lower in an effort to find the sweet spot, this is probably you. Teeing it lower may help you somewhat, but the real culprit here is your swing plane. Adjusting the tee height is building a false confidence in a swing flaw.

If this sounds like you, try teeing the ball a bit higher. After your shot, look down and check if your tee is still in the ground. If you remain conscious of leaving the tee in the ground during your shot, you will tend not to pop them up anymore.

On the other hand, if you are topping your driver, you probably have the ball teed up too high. This, most likely is because you are trying to hit the golf ball on your upswing.


The club that you should be swinging most vertically, (up and down) is your lob or sand wedge, the shorter clubs. Contrarily, the driver is the club that swings more horizontally (around you)…the longest club. Many amateur golfers make the same common mistake. They swing their driver like a wedge and they swing their short club like the big one.


Some simple swing thoughts:

When hitting your driver, keep your chin up and swing the club around your torso…not so up and down (vertical). If you can, try to leave the tee in the ground after you hit the ball without breaking it. You should be getting a few drives out of each tee. This will help you find the sweet spot of the driver face. Try to keep your swing thoughts in check. clear your mind, and focus on where you want the ball to go and just send it there.
This is nothing but a starting point that will provide you an effective cornerstone for building a more consistent swing on the tee box. It’s hard to know how to fix your swing without knowing what you are doing wrong. This should help.

From Golf Quick Fix, good luck and hit’em straight.

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