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Golf Lessons: Fix Your Slice

Golf Quick Fix 

Golf Lesson: Fix Your Slice

The golf slice is extremely difficult to command. It’s unattractive and the undisputed biggest destroyer of handicaps in golf. The slice is a by-product of mistakes that will perpetually keep your game at the level it is now. There is no miracle golf club that will get rid of your slice, but there is a means by which you can fix your golf swing and make your banana balls a thing of the past.

Golf Quick Fix: Simple as A -B- C

A) Quit coming over the top
B) Square your club face
C) Do both at the same time

How Do We Do That?

The vast majority of golfers strive for, or at least they should strive for an inside out golf swing. This is by far the most efficient and the most effective swing shape.
An inside to out golf swing tends to promote a more right to left ball flight by way of a subtle draw. The draw is the ball flight sought after by most golfers because it promotes more distance and control.


Two things you need to do. For starters, the player needs to make sufficient space on the back swing in order to swing the golf club back on the inside. Also, calm the shoulders to prevent them from opening up during the downswing.

In order to swing through on the inside, primarily it comes down to developing enough space to do so. If other parts of the body get in the way of the the forward swing, the golfer has no option but to swing outside or come over the top.
These essential steps at address and during the take away will help swing from the inside.


Tilt your the head to the right or towards your trail side at address. This allows the shoulders to turn properly.

How is your grip?

If the right or trail hand is positioned too weak it will make the right arm too straight and blocks a proper takeaway.
Position the right (trail) shoulder a bit lower than the left (lead) while addressing the ball. Since the right hand is lower than the left…the right shoulder needs to be lower than the left as well.

Back swing:

Begin the swing by turning the body. Turn the right or trail hip out of the way. It should feel as though you are starting your back swing by turning the right hip.

Inside To Out Downswing:

If the golf club is in the correct position at the top of the swing, all the golfer needs to do is be cognizant that the downswing remains on the inside. More often than not it is your shoulders that will influence the club to come outside during the forward swing. That’s when you end up trying to muscle the ball. This causes the right hip to chase after the shoulders. At this point it’s all going wrong and the right leg will most likely get pulled out.
Do your best to make your shoulders remain passive. Begin slowly from the top of the swing. Allow your hands to drop. Legendary ball striker, Moe Norman referred to this as the “vertical drop” Coming inside allows you to swing easier increasing your club head speed. You won’t embrace this until you see for yourself so take this golf lesson to the driving range and give it a whirl.
Here is an excellent video to help you understand:

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