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Golf Lessons: Start With The Foundation


Golf Lesson:

The golf stance has always been the cornerstone of the golf swing. A proper setup to make a good golf swing is just as important as pouring the foundation of your home. Screw this part up and everything else you do won’t matter much.

Spring has arrived so here is a gentle reminder of what to work on first in the early part of your golf season. Let’s reinforce your foundation as we shake off the winter rust.

Golf Quick Fix: Golf Setup

How do we setup? First off, the golf grip is pivotal. Any and all control you exercise over the golf club and your swing begins with how you hold the club. However, the purpose of this post, is more about posture and stance. The golf grip is probably the most personal part of the golf swing so we’ll just gloss over grip. For the time being, let’s proceed under the assumption you have a solid and trusted grip on the golf club

With both your hands on the club, lead arm sitting slightly on top of lead side of your chest, lead shoulder is elevated as opposed to your trail shoulder. (spine angle tipped slightly away from the target area). Your trail arm is relaxed and soft at the elbow, the trail shoulder is back and down. Be careful you aren’t turning that trail shoulder towards the target in your setup (open stance). The golf shaft should be straight out with the butt pointed  just a few inches above your mid section.

Golf Stance

Position the feet a little bit wider than your hips but not quite shoulder width, toes slightly turned out just a few degrees, and while keeping your back straight, bow from the hips.
Allow your wrists to drop. The golf-club head now lowers to the ground in the midpoint of your stance, the butt of shaft still pointed just above your mid section.

Golf Posture

The back remains straight. Buttocks slightly out (don’t exaggerate this part). Chin up, this helps you avoid hunching over. Bend your knees slightly. You need to feel as though you are in an athletic stance. A child should not be able to knock you off balance in any direction with a slight shove. Feel as though your center of gravity is strong but not tense.

Finally, step up to the golf ball. From this positioning with the golf-club head on the ground, center stance, give a little waggle over to the golf ball while keeping your “set-up posture.”

In simple terms, golfers set-up standing a couple of inches away from the golf ball, then slip the golf-club head in to the rear of the golf ball as your feet step forward to reset the posture and stance you just rehearsed.

If you have access to a full length mirror at home or the golf range, see if you look like what you “think” you look like. If not use your smart phone and make a quick video of yourself setting up. How we feel and how we look can quite often be two different things. I can tell you your stance is open or you are slouching, and you may very well make a temporary adjustment. But seeing for yourself what you are doing wrong will help you make a more permanent correction. Seeing is believing and believing is seeing.

From Golf Quick Fix, Good luck and hit’em straight.