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Golf Lesson For Thin Lies

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Golf Quick Fix for thin lies

Most amateur golfers walk away from their golf round analyzing what they could have done better to shoot a better score. It could be a few better chips, eliminate the three putts or just find more fairways off the tee. All of these would certainly lower most of our scores and this is solid analysis, but we often overlook that the average golfer struggles and loses strokes on those shots from thin or tight lies.
Whenever you have a thin lie, it’s truly difficult to hit your mid and even more so, your long irons high enough to get the golf ball to land softly without having to play the ball way up in your stance. The problem with that is, on a thin or tight lie the risk of hitting the ball fat goes up a great deal.

You can reduce your odds of hitting the ball fat by playing a knockdown shot. This is a shot with lower trajectory that purposely allows the ball release forward when it lands. Make a three-quarter golf swing while attempting to trap the ball against the ground. These shots are a lot more forgiving because you are swinging down and slightly less from the inside than normal (more so on your target line) with a much shallower swing path than you usually swing.
If somehow you don’t catch the golf ball first, the golf club is less likely to bounce off the ground way it would with a swing that isn’t quite as steep. Instead, your iron is more likely to skim along the playing surface, so it’s quite possible you may even turn an average swing into a very decent golf shot.

Proper setup is pivotal

You will want to play your golf ball further back in your stance when you have a thin or tight lie. The shaft of your club needs to be angled forward, toward your intended target as you take your stance over the ball. You will want to club up and use a club that is a little longer than you would usually use.  Gripping down an inch will help you maintain more control. The longer club will help compensate for any loss of distance from the three-quarter swing. Allow for the golf ball to travel in the air a shorter distance than normal but it should roll quite a bit more towards your target.


Shallowing your golf swing promotes more forgiveness

The most helpful element about playing a knockdown is that the shallow angle in your swing will allow you more margin for error, in particular on thin lies. You won’t need to strike the golf ball perfectly to execute a high quality shot since your club will stay down a little longer through the impact zone.
Bringing the club less inside during the the takeaway promotes more of a cut shot so allow for the ball to work from left to right.

Here is a great video to help you understand this better:



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