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Golf Lessons: Finish Like Luke Donald


Golf Lesson:

Golf announcers love to comment on Luke Donald’s ability and tendency to hold the finish in his golf swing. He likes to finish, like all of us with a weight shift to his forward leg and his arms and golf club finishing all the way to a full follow through. He does this with so much balance and control that he more often than not, will hold his finished pose until the ball actually lands.

Why is this helpful?

Golf Quick Fix

More often than not the swing flaw that leads to your slice or hook works perfectly with creating poor balance during the swing. Whether or not its the swing flaw creating the unbalance or the unbalance creating the swing flaw, developing proper balance from start to finish will most likely correct most swing flaws anyway.

In order to finish your swing and hold the pose, in balance, a lot of things will have to go right. Finishing that exaggerated balanced position until the golf ball lands creates a sense of balance and control throughout your entire swing.
This prevents you from twisting out, or lunging at the golf ball, or generating other bungle-some moves.  After a swing like that, no golfer says, “nice swing” in a slightly envious manner.

Golf Lesson:

Practice an optimal pose as you finish your golf swing, completely in balance and with your belt buckle pointed toward the target, then implement that swing so that is how you finish your swing.


Why focus on your finish?

You will be able to overcome those components of your swing that hinder the sought after finish.  It may sound way too simplistic to actually be effective, right?  Aren’t we  striking a golf ball and not posing for a photograph? NO!  Pose for the photograph! This drill and swing technique is extremely effective, most especially if your swing is somewhat solid, and you tend to be just a tiny bit off here and there like most golfers are.

Here you see in slow motion how Luke Donald demonstrates this for us.  His golf swing appears effortless just like the efficient golf swing you strive for in your head. Truthfully, it is not so effortless, it’s quite simply, a matter of the exertion being spent from the torso down, not the shoulders and arms.

Notice Luke’s impressive flexing at the knees. through-out his swing, and most especially how well he holds at the finish position, almost a perfect pose, with his belt buckle pointing toward the intended target.

If you can maintain your fished pose as long as this former top ranked player in the world, it’s more than likely you just made a pretty good golf shot. This does not take long to implement, maybe one or two buckets of golf balls, and it could very well be a life changing correction for you with regards to your golf game.

Good Luck and hit’em straight from Golf Quick Fix.


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