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Golf Tip: Finding Consistency

Golf Quick Fix: Pre Shot Routine

Most golfers have issues staying consistent for eighteen holes of golf. This can be due to a variety of reasons, but there is a fix that cures most of them. golfsmith

I remember reading an article years ago that someone put a stopwatch to Tiger Woods’ pre shot putting routine. They reported that it took Tiger same amount of time, within a second, each and every time. When he sets over the golf ball and begins his routine, he sets his putter…he checks his alignment…he adjusts his feet…he takes one look…and then another…then he putts the ball. Tiger is the standard in consistency.

Golf Quick Fix: Be consistent in your pre shot routine and you’ll be consistent in your performance.

Low handicappers generally have a pre shot routine that doesn’t change. The pre-shot strategy should actually be more than a pattern. It should be a ritual. It should help you focus and give you confidence for the time it takes to hit your shot.

Your personal ritual prior to your shot should become a trigger that sets you in motion to perform the best shot you can hit at that time. And if the wheels temporary fall off…get back to your routine and back to hitting the shots you know you can hit.edwin watts

Here’s what I suggest for a pre-shot trigger that will help you realize consistency.

  • Begin with a strategy for your shot.
  • Check your lie (Don’t skip this)
  • Select a club
  • Take notice of the wind
  • Visualize the shot
  • Pick your target
  • Practice swing, find your rhythm
  • Hit your shot



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