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Golf Lesson: Hitting Off The Toe

Golf Lesson: Stop Hitting Off The Toe


Last week during a round I was struggling with my driver. I was hitting everything off the toe. It was clearly a case of over compensating for my normal potential miss hit, which is a pull to the left. My distance was fine but I only hit four of fourteen fairways but two of those I hit my four hybrid off the tee.

My Iron play and putting were solid but missing that many fairways is a lot to overcome. The next day, off to the range I went. I treated myself to a free golf lesson. I used my smart phone to video tape myself after twenty warm up hits. I saw in my video that I was losing my spine angle during my setup which caused a chain reaction of other swing flaws. Thanks to the beauty of technology I was able to correct this within fifteen minutes at the driving range.

This may or may not be the cause of your hits off the toe. Golf Quick Fix highly suggests seeing yourself hitting golf balls on video. It may very well be the best golf lesson you have ever had. Here are some additional ideas to keep in mind while you try to stop hitting the ball off the toe.

Golf Quick Fix 

1) Don’t Squeeze The Grip
In order to hit the ball more consistently and avoid hitting the golf ball off the toe, it is essential to maintain a consistent and not too firm grip pressure during the course of your golf swing. Some of the greatest golfers that ever lived encouraged a gentle grip…Nicklaus, Snead, and the great Bobby Jones.
Try to understand, the maintaining of a light grip from set-up through impact and to your finish position permits you to swing the golf club quite naturally along an arc. Squeezing the golf club produces a jerking movement that results in inconsistent tempo during your swing This can very often lead to hitting the ball off the toe of your club (more so off the driver).

2) Check Your Stance 

taylormade-logo Much like myself, to stop hitting off the toe, it is imperative that you position yourself the appropriate distance away from your golf ball. Many people make the blunder of setting up too close to the golf ball. This can very often result in a plethora of issues (such as inconsistent contact).
Golf Quick Fix Rule of Thumb: your hands should hang directly below your shoulders. This will help you judge if you are too close or too far from the ball. Standing too close will cause you to not give the golf club enough room to work smoothly right through impact. Not giving the club sufficient room to work in the impact zone, will cause you to hit the golf ball off the toe. Standing too far just makes it even more difficult to find the sweet spot of the club head. You may find yourself reaching or lunging at the ball.

3) Solid Stance 
Try not to sway. Swaying prevents you from turning your shoulders and hips correctly during your back swing. Rather than turning away from the golf ball, you unwittingly modify your spine angle and shoulder level. This suggests that in order to strike the ball solidly, you have to somehow make some awkward body movements through-out your swing to just to get your spine angle and shoulder level back to a point where you can merely make contact with the golf ball. Obviously just making contact is not good enough. These “compensations” cause inconsistent contact and more often than not causes toe hits.

edwin watts

In order for any golfer to stop hitting the ball off the toe, it is imperative to consider the above swing fundamentals as gospel. If you address the issues discussed above, you’ll be on your way to a higher quality golf swing, and more consistent ball contact.

Good luck and hit’em straight from Golf Quick Fix.

Here is a awesome video to help you: CLICK HERE

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