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Golf Lessons Should Always Begin With The Take Away

Golf Quick Fix:

The Takeaway

Many golfers stress about proper swing plane, proper position at the top, the downswing, et cetera. However each of these components of the swing are predicated on the beginning of the back swing.

The means or direction by which the back swing is initiated can and will influence the rest of the golf swing all the way thru the impact  position and quite often the follow through (or lack there of).

The important thing is to make full use of your larger muscles to begin the back swing, instead of pulling the club with your hands, inside the target line or basically just lifting your arms up.
The golf take away is perhaps the most integral components of your golf swing. In the majority of circumstances, the first two feet of your back swing determine the swing path the head of the club will trek thru impact.

The mistake that is most common among amateurs is beginning their take away from a closed set up position. This causes the club head to get “stuck” behind you, leaving you no other alternative but to cast the club (coming over the top). Now you’ll be cutting across the golf ball generating the least desirable ball flight…the pull fade.
On the flip side, positioning yourself with a closed golf stance to promote more of a draw on the ball is often times a “band aid”.  An inside take away with a closed set up position is really fairly simple and can feel 100 % natural the first time someone tries it. It’s not very often you find a professional with a golf stance with his/her feet pointed more than a few yards to the right of the intended target (left for you south paws).

However somehow, somewhere along the line golfers still hear it or read it someplace that merely closing your set up position will help promote a draw of the golf ball. In some instances this “might” be true, but many times positioning with a closed position causes a pulling of the golf ball to ensure it flies in the direction of the particular target area.
The “pull” is an outside to inside swing path, this creates a slice or even a fade of the ball when he face of the club remains open at impact. To generate a draw the swing path of the golf club needs to begin from the inside to outside from the top thru the point of impact.

Golf Lesson:
Fundamentals For The Take Away 

  • Get shaft of the club parallel to the ground while still below your waist.
  • Your club shaft should also run parallel to your target line.

Golfers initially may fear or not like the feel or the aesthetics of this positioning, however, you can not argue with the results. Try to embrace that proper mechanics in golf feels very different or even feels weird at first. This  is reason playing golf is so challenging. We, as human beings  get pleasure from instantaneous gratification and immediate outcomes.
If playing golf was easy… wouldn’t everyone be a tour pro?
As I said earlier, the important thing is to make full use of your larger muscles to begin the back swing.

Here is a great video to help you better understand what that means.

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